The Blog Manifesto

Alright, so maybe I should have started out with this but here is why I am blogging and what I am going to blog about.

I have decided to embark upon the new world of blogging for several reasons. 1. It is a way for me to talk to people without actually talking to them lol. 2. I have lots of ideas about music and faith. Yes they are often crazy ideas but some are kinda cool. I would like to share these ideas with the world. 3. If I’m lucky, maybe I’ll find someone else out there who also has crazy thoughts and be able to show them they are not alone.

My posts will be about several things. By that I mean it will be mostly about faith, and probably some music thrown in as well. I also have a page for my artwork. I like to draw periodically and wanted that to have some appreciation. Some of the drawings are even faith based and might go with a post.

The ultimate goal of this blog is just to reach people. If just one person reads this then I’ll feel accomplished.

Thanks for reading.



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