You Are More

Being a music major, I often get songs stuck in my head. Recently, the song “You Are More” by Tenth Avenue North keeps popping up.

The song is about a girl trying to find her place in the world. In the first verse, she’s crying wondering who she is? She worries if all the mistakes she has made will prevent someone from loving her. There was a time in my life where I wasn’t sure who I was anymore. I had hit rock bottom and had tried to change; however, everyone around me kept acting like I was the same person even if I was acting differently. It kept being thrown in my face that I was still the same girl no matter how hard I tried not to be. I wondered if anybody would ever see me for who I really was.

Finally, I escaped my past by leaving high school. Going off to college separated me from an environment that was pushing me down and gave me the space to recreate myself, and I did. I slowly became the person I am today by  watching, listening, surrounding myself with good role models and friends, and praying. Recently, though, I’ve kinda hit a stand still.

The second verse of the song really captures the point I’m at in my life right now. “She tried to do better but then she’s too weak to try.” I’ve been trying to implement many new good habits into my life. I can plan to go pray everyday and to go to daily mass, but when it gets to that point, I fall flat. I often feel too weak to fight against my past habits to create new ones. This is why this specific song has been stuck in my head.

The last line of the second verse says, “Don’t you know who you are?” I may feel weak and feel like I don’t need to change my habits since they’ve gotten me this far, but I know better because I am a child of God. Everyday God is trying to shape me into the person He knows I can be. I was always waiting for someone to see me as more when there always was a person, God.

We are more then our past and more than our problems. We are children of God put on this Earth to share His love with others. It helps me to always remember that I am more than just a 22 year old music therapy major trying to get through life. There is a plan out there for me and I just have to live up to the expectations. Fortunately, the expectations are always made within our reach as long as we reach out to God.

Here is “You are More” with lyrics.


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