The Fight Against Pride

Last week, I wrote a post on Pride. This week, I want to write a post on what gifts and virtues we are given from God to fight against pride.

The most obvious place to start is with the opposite of pride, humility. Humility is the modest opinion of oneself. It’s thinking of ourselves for only as good as we actually are and not inflated. It also involves not comparing ourselves with anyone else. So how do we come to be humble?

The catholic church believes that humility is realizing that everything we are and have is from God. So to be humble, we have to believe that who we are was created by God. In other words, we have to have faith, a theological virtue. To help us gain and retain this faith, the holy spirit gives us the gift of reverence.

Reverence means to have deep respect for someone while faith means to have confidence in someone. For me, the two go hand in hand. To have confidence in someone, I have to respect them as a person and to respect someone, I have to have confidence in who they are. I have learned this lesson many times.

One particular time had been after multiple people had gained my trust one second then turned on me the next. It got to a point where I felt like I couldn’t trust anyone around me. I built up a wall to protect myself from people taking advantage of me. The problem was that this wall was against everybody, including God. I then felt utterly alone. I was surrounded by people who loved and supported me but with the wall up, I felt isolated from them.

Around the time I hit bottom, I went to a church camp. I had gone to confession and told the priest that I didn’t feel close to God. The priest had told me to look at this big, beautiful cross that was hanging in the middle of the church where we were. I went back to my seat and when I looked up at that cross, I started crying. Confession had broken the barrier I had built up and had made a direct connection between God and I possible. After confession, the entire camp went outside on the church steps and started a hugging fest. I didn’t feel isolated this time. I felt welcomed and loved. I knew God was with me now and always.

I realized a few years later that while God is always with me, I still have to let Him in. He’s standing on the front porch. Now’s the time to open the door. The Holy Spirit gives me the piety I need to have the faith that God will always be on the porch. It also gives me the strength to open the door.

Here’s the song Trust in You by Lauren Daigle to remind us to always trust in God.



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