Strong Enough

Last year, I hardcore struggled with getting things done in a timely manner. There seemed to be way too much to do and not enough time to do it, which was partially the problem. I never felt like I had time for self care, like going on a walk or reading my bible. This year, I decided it would be different, and so far it has been.

To be fair, it’s only week two of the semester but I feel like since I’ve started with such good habits then maybe they’ll stick with me throughout the semester. Also, in previous semesters, I had gotten behind week one and never caught back up. Now, some of my free time may come from the fact that I have significantly less classes this year. I tend to believe in a slightly different reason. That reason is God.

This year I have given everything up to God. Every assignment that I don’t think is going to get done on time goes to God. Every class that stresses me out goes to God. Every teacher who bores me to death goes to God. I also now make sure to make time for God. Every morning I pray my morning prayer and read the bible, most of the time. Every time I start to have a panic attack or worry about an assignment, I take a second to pray. Sometimes it’s just reminding myself of St. Francis’s quote, “Start by doing what’s necessary, then do what’s possible, and suddenly you are doing the impossible.” Other times I say a quick “Lord help me to do this.”

The biggest part of my whole turn around is a simple revelation. I can’t do everything by myself. I’m simply not strong enough without God, and that’s ok. I’m not supposed to do this on my own, nobody is. We were created to do everything with and through God. Sounds simple but if you don’t ask God to help you, then it’s not there. We have to put aside our pride and realize we can’t do this alone.Then you can open yourself up to God and be able to do amazing things.

Here’s the song “Strong Enough” by Matthew West. It’s a nice reminder that we can always use a little help.


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