05As you may know, today is Halloween, but what does that mean in the Catholic church. Halloween is often considered All Hallows Eve and the beginning of the celebration of Allhallowtide. Allhallowtide is three days where we pray for the dead including martyrs, saints, and the souls in purgatory. If there is a All Hallows Eve, that must mean there is an All Hallows Day. This is most commonly referred to as All Saints Day. This is a day where we pray for and celebrate the lives of the saints. The last day of Allhallowtide is All Souls Day, when we pray for the souls in purgatory and for all those that have died.

This means there is a lot more to Halloween outside of dressing up as our favorite movie or television character and going door to door for candy. These three days we should be specifically thinking and praying for those who have died. In honor of that, I’m going to talk about a few of my favorite saints.

stjohnpauliiKarol J. Wojtyla, aka Saint Pope John Paul II, is a very well known saint. Did you know that he originally studied theater in college. He even helped found and run the Rhapsodic Theater, which was a secret theater part of the Polish Cultural Resistance. He later became a professor of moral philosophy and social ethics . Saint John Paul II has set records for amounts of people seen and countries visited. He wrote books and papers on the faith and did so many more amazing things in his lifetime.

st-cecilia-window.jpgSaint Cecilia’s story is one of virtue and chastity. She took a vow of virginity as a child that she upheld even through her marriage. She told her husband that she had an angel by her side to protect her virginity and he got baptized in order to see the angel. St. Cecilia shared her faith with all she came in contact with and converted many souls in a time when being Catholic could get you killed. St. Cecilia herself became a martyr. It was first attempted to suffocate her and when that did not work an executioner was sent to behead her. He also was unsuccessful but wounded her gravely enough that she bled out in 3 days.

teresaofavilalrg.jpgSaint Teresa of Avila had an interesting story. She did not initially choose religious life for herself. She was a normal teenage girl but her father was very strict. He decided that she was out of control and sent her off to the convent. She initially hated the convent but came to choose to lead a religious life as she believed she was a horrible sinner. She often turned away from come but eventually learned to trust Him and to always pray. St Teresa of Avila is most known for mental prayer.


This is just a little bit of information about a few saints. I encourage everyone to study the lives of the saints. They lived life just like the rest of us yet found a way to give everything they had to God. These are the examples that we should follow.


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