It’s Not Thanksgiving Without Pumpkin Pie

I realize that I didn’t post a seven deadly sins and virtue posts this month. I apologize; however, since it is so late in the month I have decided to put this month’s seven deadly sins post off for next month. Instead I am going to write about the beautiful holiday happening this week.

1033249144001_2836625352001_best-pumpkin-pie-everThanksgiving has always been one of my favorite holidays. When I was younger, my whole family would get together at my grandmother’s house and enjoy Thanksgiving lunch. My grandmother would cook enough food for an army and lunch would bleed into the rest of the day and then into the leftovers that were sent home. Members of my family would fight over certain foods like the deviled eggs, or over certain cuts of meat (the turkey skin is my favorite part, or over the most important dish of Thanksgiving lunch, pie. I like to gloat and say that I get an entire pumpkin pie to myself. I could never eat that much but it’s fun to joke.

As the years went by, people grew up and fights ensued. My cousins had in-laws’
Thanksgiving lunches and dinners to go to or they were mad at my grandparents. The number of people at Thanksgiving lunch got smaller and smaller until it was less than 10 (my grandparents have 19 grandkids and some of them are married with kids). I started getting upset and regretful, wishing for those old years would come back.

This Thanksgiving, many of my family members are planning to be at lunch. So many are coming that my grandparents have to borrow a table from a friend to have enough seating for everyone. It’ll be just like the old days; however, it won’t be just like the old days. The people around the table are different or have changed over the years. There will be people there who weren’t there before. The relationships and connections that grew apart show in the lack of conversation or in the low substance of the conversation.

I’m happy and excited that my family is coming to Thanksgiving lunch. I realize that it won’t be the same and we can never go backwards. I am thankful for where I am in life and wouldn’t want to go backwards. I have realized a very important lesson after all these years. I am thankful for the old times, for the fact that they existed. I am also thankful for the new times because that means we’re all still alive, around, and crazy enough to spend time with each other. It’ll be a great Thanksgiving no matter the past behind us, as long as there is pumpkin pie.


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