Old Habits Die Hard

This past Sunday began the season of Advent. For some this time means buying last minute Christmas presents and making plans to spend time with family. College students spend this time wishing the slow, painful death of finals would come quickly as they spend hours on end in libraries studying. As christians, we are called to spend this time preparing our hearts for Jesus, but what does that mean exactly.

For some, preparing our hearts for Jesus means making that commitment to going to mass every Sunday or to say a prayer every morning. Others might memorize a new prayer during this month. For me, this month will be spent returning to old habits.

Over the past 6 months I have started reading my bible every day, reading other religious books, prayed the rosary multiple times a week, and worked on this blog. Recently those old habits started going to the wayside. I don’t always read my bible with breakfast anymore and I have read a religious book or prayed the rosary in months. Even this blog has gone to the wayside at times. So, I’m going to spend this month renewing those old habits one step at a time.

This is easier said than done. Something I’ve been learning recently is you can have a goal in mind but without knowing the steps to get there, you often get lost on the way. Step one is to start spending more time with Jesus. This transition in my life would never be possible on my own. I need to give Jesus time to work and to show me the way. Every day is a new lesson and a new step toward the ultimate goal, heaven.

Here’s a little song about finding your way through Christ.


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