There’s only one way to eat pumpkin pie!

Well it’s a week and a day late but here is the post on gluttony. Sorry for the very long delay.

With it being around the holidays, the thing on everyone’s minds is food. There’s Thanksgiving turkey, Christmas ham, and don’t forget my personal favorite pumpkin pie. When I was at Thanksgiving with my family, my mom asked me to get her a piece of pie. She then proceeded to tell me how to make her piece of pie: whip cream with some pumpkin pie.

Now I agree with my mother that the only way to eat pumpkin pie is with more whip cream than pie; however, it got me to thinking that there might be too much of a good thing. The holidays are a time where we often want too much of something: food, gifts, etc. But are there things that it’s ok to want too much of.

When thinking of gluttony, most people think of things like food, drugs, alcohol, or (if you’re my dad) movies. These things often have adverse side effects to having too much. If you have too much food, often times you gain weight. If you have too much drugs or alcohol, you become addicted. If you buy too many movies, you run out of money. but how about if you have too much faith?

Honestly, I don’t believe that there is such a thing as too much faith or too much God in your life. We should search out and try to fill our lives with God all the time. We are called to be more like Jesus and the best way to do this is by bringing him into our lives and letting him take over. The best kind of faith is one that is full of gluttony for God.

If you feel like there is something that is taking over your life because there is too much of something, take a step back and bring more God into your. Here’s a song that might help.


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