Stop and smell the roses

download bad habits. Sometimes I take time out of my week to stop doing homework and hang out with friends. Other times I spend all week doing homework and housework and being by myself. So which is the good habit and which is the bad?

Some people I know think that working all the time and putting 110% into everything you do is the best way to live life. Problem is I only have 100% to give. I’m not saying that I shouldn’t put that 100% towards my work, but I can’t be expected to put more than that since it doesn’t exist.

God calls us to a life of temperance or moderation. Most people take this as only applying to things like food, alcohol, and shopping; however, this applies to everything in our life. The best life is one of balance. This means taking time out of the busy work day to spend time with friends, to take a walk, to relax with music, and of course to spend some time with God.

The hardest part is realizing that you should do all this in one day, every day, and attempting to fit it all in. Something I found, though, is that life usually figures itself out. For me I have gone to class, gotten all homework done, gone for a walk, spent time with God, cooked and eaten food, talked on the phone with friends, and still have time to sleep 8 hours. How did I do this? I took the time for the “fun” things like going on a walk, being with God, eating, and sleeping and fit it into the work things.

Now this didn’t just happen automatically and doesn’t happen everyday. Some days I spend too much time watching Netflix and not everything gets done, but sometimes I spend too much time on work and everything feels like it take 10 times longer to do. When there’s a good balance, I’ve noticed that everything seems easier and just falls into place. Why? Because I place my trust in God knowing that balance is the only way I’m going to make it through without burning out.

So please, if you are a person who thinks that putting 110% towards everything you do is the only way to live, slow down. Take time to smell the roses or at the very least send a quick prayer to God asking for help in the balance department. You might be surprised what you can do if you have a little balance in your life.


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