Mary Did You Know

With Christmas finally upon us, I wanted to write a little bit about the season. For Christmas, many focus on the giving and receiving of presents, but imagine if on Christmas day you or your wife goes into labor and on Christmas day the only present you care about receiving is your baby boy. If you’re thinking I’m talking about Mary your wrong.

Mary wasn’t thinking just about giving birth to her child because she knew who he was and what God had promised of him. Mary was a very devout person and knew all the old prophecies. Throughout His life, Jesus fulfills the prophecies made in the old testament. Recently I’ve been engrossed with this song Mary did you know. As I sit here writing this, I’m thinking “Yes she did know, and she did it anyways.”

While most of us think that when Jesus was born all Mary saw was her little baby girl, I don’t think that was entirely the case. I think Mary saw the Son of God. I think she saw all that God would be asking of His son. I think Mary looked at that baby boy and saw the man He would become, and yet she was still able to look at Him and let that all fade away till she simply saw just her baby boy. Mary knew that she needed to enjoy the time she had with her child because there would be a time when He would leave her to take care of others. I do believe Mary took every moment she could with her child being simply a child.

This is something I believe we all should do and that the Catholic church kinda glosses over. In the readings and in the gospel itself, the story kinda skips from Jesus being born to His adult life. I understand this is mostly because we know little about that time in His life; however, I think we should take more time to imagine Jesus as a child.

Sometimes when I’m sitting in Mass during the consecration, I imagine myself in Mary’s shoes. I imagine seeing a baby and the song Mary did you know goes through my head. “Did you know your baby boy will save our sons and daughters.””Did you know that your baby boy has walked where angels trod.” Mary did you know that you would watch your baby boy die because of me?

Thinking this gives you a new perspective when seeing the cross. I encourage you to listen to song (it’s amazing!!!) and maybe try to see what Mary saw. Here’s my favorite version of this song by Pentatonix.


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