Strength in Numbers

As I mentioned last week, I’ve been having a lot of stuff go on recently. Currently it feels like everything that could possibly go wrong is and there’s nothing I can do about it. So I sit here writing this post trying not to fall apart emotionally. I’m trying to continue living my life, doing homework, going to class, and keeping my house clean while it feels like my world is falling apart around me. I recently had a conversation with someone about this and he mentioned how much strength it takes to keep going while all this is happening, but this strength isn’t mine.

Every time I feel like I’m about to fall apart, I say a little pray. Often times it’s not much more than just “Jesus” or “God please help me”. Sometimes I write in my journal exactly what I’m feeling and why I think I’m feeling this way. Everything in this journal goes straight to God. If I have the time, I call one of my close friends and talk it out with them. I’m one who truly believes that the people that are in my life are there because God placed them there. Every prayer, or journal entry, or phone call doesn’t make the horrible feelings go away but it does make that moment a little bit easier to get through.

There’s a song that I have come across multiple times in my life by Matthew West. It’s called Strong Enough. It’s about the story of a girl who goes through an incredible amount of horrible experiences. She realizes through it all that she’s not strong enough to face these events alone. She knows that she’s only able to get through it with the strength of God. Every time we feel like we’re not strong enough, it’s probably because we’re not. Jesus carried the cross with the help of Simon. We can get through our tough days with the help of God.


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