Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder

Recently I have had a lot going on and struggling quite a bit. I often sit and wonder how I got here. Sometimes I even wonder “What was God thinking to give me this?” When God looks down on all our little lives, what does He see? How would God read my story versus how I read it?

When I look back on my life from the past few months, I see a mess. I see disaster, heartbreak, a girl falling apart then pulling herself back together just to fall apart again. I see a selfish friend take advantage of other people’s concern and compassion, often unconsciously. I see a life that could use a lot of work.

However, that’s not what God sees. He’s sees a beautiful daughter struggling through many trails. He sees His daughter working every day to get closer to Him. He sees an opportunity to pick her up every time she falls down. He sees His vision  for His child slowly come to fruition. He sees a beautiful woman and someone He loves calling daughter.

Thinking this way, gives a whole new perspective on the way I see life. It makes the months of struggling seem like they were actually worth the fuss. It makes everyday seem a little brighter. Always remember that God doesn’t see us the same way we do. He sees us as perfect no matter what. Sometimes it’s good to hear that.



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