Can I have some more

Recently you hear a lot about millennial versus the rest of the world and vice versa. When people say things against millennials it often has a lot to do with how we want more of something. We want more time, more money, more respect for human beings, more rights for women, etc. The list is pretty much never ending. Many would say that millennials are very greedy. I would say that there is a fine line and millennials know how to stand on the line.

Yes millennials, and people in general, ask for more of anything they can get their hands on; however, sometimes asking for more isn’t a bad thing. There’s a musical (Oliver) about how young orphan boys are being starved in the orphanage when one boy decides to stand up for himself and ask for more. This one moment changes the boy’s entire life. Sometimes it’s interesting to think what would happen if someone stood up and asked for more.

Now while asking for more money could fall into the realm of greed, I would say that college student’s have every right to ask for more. My university used to offer full ride academic scholarships. I would not be able to be in college without that scholarship. About 3 years ago, the university stopped offering the scholarship. Who knows how many young adults lost out on the chance to go to college because this university decided to no longer offer full ride scholarships.

Now asking for more always falls into a balancing act. When do we have too much or enough? Jesus is always telling us to give up everything we have to someone else. He tells us to live the simple life and that God will provide anything we need. I believe this completely. With a little bit of work and pure faith and trust in God, we will always receive what we need. That doesn’t mean not to ask God, but if you don’t get what you’re asking for maybe God is trying to tell you something and you should rethink your prayer.


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