Give to the least of these

When someone mentions that I should be more charitable, I always think of big things like helping habitat for humanity or helping at a soup kitchen. I’ve recently learned though that an act of charity doesn’t always have to be a big thing. It can also be something small, like paying for a friend’s meal or spending time with a friend. These things may not always seem like their works of charity but there are reasons why they are.

It all depends on our mindset when we do things in our lives, particular when we do things towards or for others. The other day, I paid an entrance fee for my friend at a bar. The reason why I paid for her was because I had been looking forward to going out with my friends and having a good time. I was also able to afford the cost for both of us. Another way of looking at this situation is that I wanted my friend to have a good time. She has been extremely stressed recently, especially when it comes to money. This small gesture allowed her to relax with friends and not worry about the money. It ended up being a night we will both remember for awhile.

This small gesture was an act of charity. It wasn’t something giant and it didn’t radically change someone’s life, but it allowed someone to do something they wanted for one night. Small acts like this that may not always seem like they are major are the most important acts of charity because they allow us to be charitable in everything we do. So next time you do something, think about why you are doing it. Is there a way that it could be used to help someone else?

Here’s a song to help you remember to think about God in everything you do.


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