Lenten Promise in Review

This week is holy week which means Easter is almost upon us. This also means that soon our lenten promises are over. So how’re you do? Did you stick with it the whole time with no problems or weak moments? Did you not count Sundays? Did you cheat only a couple of times? Did you last only a few days? How you did on your lenten promise can itself be some to learn from.

If you had zero problems sticking to your promise then it probably wasn’t something that interfered with your life or your relationship with God too much. Maybe you should have given up something harder.

If you didn’t count Sundays, then you weren’t working on creating a new habit because each week you were starting the process over. Almost like a binge then purge sort of mentality.

If you only lasted a couple of days, then maybe you went too fast. Maybe think of something smaller that could lead up to that big thing.

If you broke your promise a few time, don’t worry we all do this. A lenten promise isn’t supposed to be easy so sometimes there is going to be a little cheating; however, it’s all about how you about this cheating and what you do next that defines you.

When you cheat, don’t defend it with excuses. It was a mistake. You also don’t want to tear yourself down because then you’ll never get back up. Just admit to yourself that you made a mistake then make a recommitment to try again. You may even want to recognize why you cheated and make a plan for if you ever want to cheat again to stop yourself from doing so.

Keep these things in mind as we head into holy week and make a new commitment to your lenten promise. Finish the season out strong.


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