They Believed

This past weekend was Eater. It’s a fun day with eggs, chocolate, and everyone you know posting on Facebook saying happy Easter. You also go to mass. My specific mass had a really great homily that I’d like to steal some ideas from.

The first part of the homily had to do with how Mary Magdelene had gone to the tomb when it was still dark outside and had found the tomb empty. Her first thought had been that something evil had happened, “They took the Lord.” This can be very representative or our own lives. We all have those dark moments in our lives and most of the time our first thought is negative. We think about how this ruins our lives, how this is a horrible thing, and how we are going to get past it. This is a very human reaction and very natural but there’s another way to think about it.

When Peter and the other apostle get to the empty tomb, the gospel simply says “They believed.” They had faith that this was supposed to be. They saw the signs that this wasn’t a bad thing including how the face covering had been purposefully placed on the floor. Something so small showed them that this was actually a good thing.

When dark events happen in our lives, it can be hard to see the good in it; however, sometimes it just takes one small thing to show that brighter days are around the corner. WE just have to have faith that that small thing is there if we just pay attention to it.


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