A Lesson in Values: Brought to you by Winnie The Pooh


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Winnie the Pooh is a simple character. Every time you see Pooh he is usually hunting down some hunny. That’s the only thing Pooh every really wants. For everything else in his life, he lets nature take it’s corse and believes that everything will work out in the end. The only other thing Pooh often worries about is the wellbeing and happiness of his friends. These are the only two things Pooh worries about. Two things! How would our lives be different if we only worried about these two things? 

Really think about this. What things do you worry about in one day? The housework that needs done? The project you have to do for your boss? Finding a job? Having enough money for that new outfit? What the people at work think of you? If there’s enough time in the day to do all the things you’re worrying about? How much time do we actually spend worrying about things?

What would happen if we decided to imitate Winnie the Pooh and only worry about two things, food and those we care about? Would all the other things not work out because we aren’t worrying about them? This is highly unlikely. Even though Winnie the Pooh only worries about these two thing he went on incredible adventures by chance and usually everything worked out in the end. While our lives aren’t fictional stories there is something to learn from this. Worrying is not going to make things happen. It actually causes more stress and for some can stop things from happening.

Now focusing only on food, friends, and family seems impossible and unrealistic. Maybe it is. Work still needs to get done. Money is still needed to survive. First impressions do impact our lives sometimes. So how do we simplify and still be successful in life? One thing I’ve done recently is make a list of the things that are important to me, the things I value. These are things that I can’t live without like friends, family, food, work, faith, and important hobbies. Then I prioritize the list of values. Family and friends are more important than work and food is more important than hobbies. Then I don’t give anything not on this list preference over anything on the list. I put my values first and don’t let anything or anyone change that.

This can be difficult sometimes. There are so many things that the world tells us is important like money and belongings. Sometimes people don’t understand what a value actually is. So think of something that you wouldn’t compromise for anything else. That’s a value to you. These won’t always be the same as other peoples’ and often times that’s another struggle because they don’t always understand why you are putting that value before something else. Don’t waver in your values because these things make up who you are just like how you would never think of Winnie the Pooh without hunny or his friends. Be a little more like Pooh, simplify your life and focus on the things you value.


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